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When are my taxes due and what period does this bill cover?

A. Real Property taxes are assessed annually and are due in two equal installments. First Installment (Cycle 1) – Due on or before August 20 for the period July 1 to December 31. Second Installment (Cycle 2) – Due on or before February 20 for the period January 1 to June 30.

What is a Circuit Breaker credit?

A. Circuit Breaker is a credit to real property taxes for taxpayers who are classified as homeowner who filed and was granted a home exemption claim under section 3.48.450. Upon proper application, a homeowner shall be entitled to a credit in the amount that the real property tax assessed on the homeowner property tax exceeds two per cent of household income. The credit shall be applied in equal pro rata amounts against each tax payment due for the tax year following the year in which an application for credit is submitted and granted

How do I calculate my tax bill?

A. Sample of calculating your tax bill; Property Value – Exemption (if applicable) = Net Taxable Value Net Taxable Value x Tax Rate/(per $1,000 of value) = Tax Tax – Tax Credit (for qualified homeowners) = Tax Bill

Agriculture Use If your property is in agriculture use such as farming of a crop, you may receive a special agriculture use assessment upon approval of an agriculture use application and/or dedication. This special assessment lowers the taxable amount on the land.
Homeowner’s Exemption If you are an owner occupant, you may qualify for the homeowner’s exemption of $200,000 which reduces your net taxable value and the tax rate. If you own and occupy your property as your principal residence and file a Home Exemption Application by December 31, the exemption will take effect the following assessment year. You may file for the exemption at the Property Tax Office or online at:

Oahu Tax Record Information

Real Property Tax Bills, Payments, Penalty, Interest

You may access your tax bill and other records on your property by visiting this website or contacting the Treasury Division for questions regarding your tax bill or tax credit by email at:

How to calculate real property taxes

1. Obtain the Total Net Taxable Value and tax class for the parcel from under Assessment Information.

2. Obtain the tax rates from the Reports section at (Note the Residential class is different from the Residential A class.)

3. Divide the Total Net Taxable Value by 1,000 and multiply by the tax rate to calculate your real property taxes.

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