Landlord & Tenant Information

Landlord Tenant Information

Many of the Buyers on Maui are Investor Buyers. These Investor Buyers usually rent out their property either long term or short term (less than 30 days) once they purchase them.

Did you ever wonder how many days a landlord has to return a security deposit if property is vacated with no problems? When selling a rental property, how much notice must be given to existing tenants for showings and to vacate the property? Did you ever wonder what to do if your tenant doesn’t pay the rent and refuses to vacate the property? Did you ever wonder what to do if your landlord doesn’t make a needed repair? Many questions like these and more are answered in the Landlord-Tenant Code Handbook.

In Hawaii there are Rules (Landlord-Tenant Code) that govern the many aspects of owners renting property. These codes also can inform you of your rights as a Tenant.

To view the Landlord-Tenant Code and the Handbook login to: From there you may read the handbook, code, or call the Landlord-Tenant line.

You may also purchase a copy of the Landlord-Tenant Code Handbook by sending a check made out to the DCCA in the amount of $2.00 and indicate on your check “Landlord-Tenant Code Handbook”

Mail to: DCCA attn: cashier, PO Box 541 Honolulu, HI 96809 **Remember to include your return address.

We want all of our Clients to be fully informed prior purchasing a rental property. We also want to protect our “Future Buyers” by making them aware of the Landlord-Tenant Code information.

B&B Ordinance of Maui County
Final Draft of the Maui County Bed & Breakfast Ordinance. (B&B Ordinance)

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Maui Bad Tenant
If you would like to know if a candidate is a suitable renter for your property before you hand over the keys, then this site is for you. By pre-screening your candidates through this site you’ll find out previous landlord’s experience of the following issues:

  • Late payments
  • Non-payment of rent
  • Destruction of property
  • Theft
  • Refusal to vacate premises
  • If a Hawaii “Summery Possession” case has ever been filed against them
  • Or, any other issues a landlord may have encountered
  • Criminal background check